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Study in Canada

Geography & Climate:

Canada has four distinct seasons, although their arrival times vary across the country. The single most significant factor in climate is latitude.


The official currency of Canada is Canadian dollar. The symbol is C $.

Major Cities:

Bank, Ottawa, Montreal, Jasper, Toronto, Halifax, Calgary.


English and French are the country's two official languages, though the province of New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual area in the country. You will, however, notice both languages on maps, tourist brochures and product labels. The French spoken in Canada is not, for the most part, the language of France. In Quebec, where the majority of the population are of French descent, the local tongue is known as Quebecois. Most Quebeckers will understand formal French; it will just strike them as being a little peculiar.

To be eligible to study in Canada

  • You must have been accepted by a SPP/Non SPP (known as designated learning institute) institute in Canada.
  • You must prove that you have enough money to pay for your:
    • tuition fees
    • living expenses for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada and
    • return transportation for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada.
  • You must be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record and not be a risk to the security of Canada. You may have to provide a police certificate.
  • You must be in good health and willing to complete a medical examination, if necessary.
  • You must satisfy an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your authorized stay.


In some cases, you do not require a study permit to go to school in Canada.

  • If you wish to study in a short-term course or program
    You do not need a study permit if you plan to take a course or program in Canada that lasts six months or less. You must complete the course or program within the period authorized for your stay in Canada.
  • Foreign representatives to Canada
    If you are a family member or staff member of a foreign representative to Canada accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD), you may not need a permit to study in Canada. You should contact your embassy in Canada. Your embassy can contact the Office of Protocol at DFATD to find out whether you need a study permit.
  • Members of foreign armed forces
    If you are a member of a foreign armed force under the Visiting Forces Act, you do not need a permit to study in Canada. If your family members, including minor children, want to study in Canada, they must meet the requirements.
  • Foreign nationals who are Registered Indians in Canada
    If you are a citizen of another country who has Registered Indian status in Canada, you do not need a permit to study in Canada


How Much Does It Cost to Study Abroad in Canada?

Studying in Canada is a rewarding investment in your future with access to a premier education,exciting cross-cultural experiences, and a globally recognized degree. Not unlike going to school in your own country, university or college in Canada for international students requires some degree of planning and financial commitment before you arrive, and while you are here.

Affordable Tuition

Studying abroad can be expensive, but Canada offers the lowest tuition rates for foreign students compared to the U.K,Australia, NewZealand and the US.

This means you canpursue your studies in a globally recognized program of your choice at one of Canada’s top universities for nearly half of what it would cost to attend an equally reputable program at a private U.S. university.


If you are planning to study in Canada, you will need somewhere to live. Many schools offer on-campus housing ranging from shared condominiums to dormitory-style housing. The cost for these may or may not include a meal plan and or other utilities such as phone and Internet connection.

If you choose to live off-campus, prices may be lower but will include the additional cost of furnishings, hydro, electricity and/or other miscellaneous expenses.

Other Costs of Living

Student life isn't all about studying. Whether you want to head out with friends, travel to the other side of the country, or explore the many cultural events our cities have to offer, you’ll need to set aside some extra spending money.







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